Who We Are

Marla MooreMarla Moore, M.A., CCC-SLP is a certified Speech-Language Pathologist and owner of Talking Together, Inc. Marla has worked in Early Intervention for over 25 years and has passion for helping providers to support families on their journey. Marla currently mentors providers and facilitates transdisciplinary teaming, provides State-Approved trainings and participates in multidisciplinary assessments to help in the writing of IFSPs. Marla believes in the power of relationships and the empowerment of families to help their children grow and learn. Through her trainings and mentorship, Marla supports providers in building their understanding that families are the experts on their children and therefore are critical members of every team. Additionally, Marla continues to take part in reflective consultation to better understand the ways in which power, privilege, and bias shows up in her work. She uses this awareness to center the voices of families and providers from different ethnicities and socioeconomic experiences to best serve our community in a culturally responsive way. In her spare time, Marla enjoys spending time with her family, reading, visiting area schools as a volunteer with her therapy dog, Chance, and creating in her kitchen with plant-based cooking.



Heidi Burke, M.A., CFY-SLPHeidi Burke, M.S.M M.A., CCC-SLP is a certified speech language pathologist who graduated with her master’s degree in speech language pathology from the University of Colorado at Boulder. She has worked with infants and young children for more than a decade. Heidi has specialized in working with children with feeding challenges and has experience working with premature infants, early feeding experiences (bottle feeding, breast feeding, transitioning to solids), medically complex diagnoses (including medical trauma), feeding tubes (and weaning from them!), food allergies, visual impairment, and other feeding challenges. She pulls from a variety of methodologies has been trained in oral-placement strategies by Sara Rosenfeld-Johnson and is a trained SOS feeding specialist endorsed by Dr. Kay Toomey. She also has a wide range of experience working with a variety of communication challenges including visual impairment, childhood apraxia of speech, deaf and hard of hearing, articulation challenges, expressive and/or receptive delays, genetic disorders and syndromes, autism spectrum disorder, cerebral palsy, seizure disorders, and cognitive or developmental delay. In addition, she has been trained in infant mental health including trauma-informed care. Heidi has a clear love for children and their families, and believes that young children learn best when engaged in playful and meaningful interactions and routines. Her approach to therapy is a whole-child approach and she strives to integrate goals in other areas such as occupational (including sensory), physical, and behavioral therapies, into her sessions. Heidi also has a small private practice where she sees young children over the age of three. As a life-long learner, Heidi is currently pursuing her Doctor of Education in Leadership for Educational Equity (EdD), Early Childhood Education at the University of Colorado Denver.


Miranda Mast, M.A., CCC-SLPMiranda Mast, M.A., CCC-SLP graduated with her master’s degree in speech language pathology from the University of Colorado at Boulder. She enjoys working closely with families and children through structured play in order to support the child’s language and general development. She believes that a holistic, community and family-centered approach provides the best environment for a child to learn and grow. She has experience working with a wide variety of populations including: culturally diverse, wide range of socio-economic status and diverse family structures. Miranda has worked with a number of disorders and diagnosis including: Autism Spectrum Disorder, Down syndrome, cognitive delay, Childhood Apraxia of Speech, Deaf and Hard of Hearing, articulation challenges, expressive and receptive language delays and feeding difficulties. She has experience with American Sign Language. Miranda is passionate about using play-based therapy along with a family-centered approach to allow children and their families to develop their skills in a caring and supportive environment.



Lisa Niffenegger, M.A., CCC-SLPLisa Niffenegger, M.A., CCC-SLP is a certified speech-language pathologist who graduated with her master’s degree from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Lisa has experience providing families with in-home speech and language therapy for children ages 0-16 years. She has worked with children with a variety of diagnoses and/or communication disorders, including cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, autism spectrum disorder, deafness or hearing loss, Cri-du-chat syndrome, muscular dystrophy, chromosomal deletions, cleft palate, language delay, articulation delays, and cognitive or developmental delay. Lisa enjoys working with low and high tech AAC, including preparing families for AAC evaluations and providing therapy for a newly acquired AAC device. She believes strongly in involving families in therapy sessions and in incorporating therapy sessions into families’ daily routines.


Emily Mariani, M.A., CF-SLPEmily Mariani, M.A., CCC-SLP earned her degree in speech-language pathology from Temple University in Philadelphia, and joined Talking Together in 2017. She had a winding road to early intervention, and has a background in elementary education and teaching yoga. She loves the relationships built through early intervention and getting to know each unique child and family. There is truly no
setting as special as early intervention! She enjoys the creative exploration with families to support them in their child’s development. Emily enjoys being in the mountains, cooking (and eating), and is a resident artist in a local ceramics studio.




Deborah Lagerborg, M.A., CCC-SLPDeborah Lagerborg, M.A., CCC-SLP is a certified Speech Language Pathologist who has specialized in pediatrics for 10 years. She has experience working with children with a variety of communication disorders and feeding disorders. Deborah has specialized in feeding disorders and has experience working with premature infants, the very young child (bottle feedings, breast feeding, and transitioning to solids), the medically complex child, children with feeding tubes, children with food allergies, autism spectrum disorder, visual impairment, and developmental delay. Deborah is certified in the SOS Approach to Feeding and is a certified lactation counselor. In addition, she is certified in the Hanen “It Takes Two to Talk” and “More than Words” programs. Deborah is passionate about empowering parents to help their child succeed.



Katie McClelland, M.A., CF-SLPKatie McClelland, M.A., CCC-SLP is a graduate of Indiana University, where she received Bachelor’s degrees in Spanish and Communications and Culture. She worked in the non-profit field with at-risk youth before returning to graduate school. She received her Master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology from the University of Colorado – Boulder. Katie enjoys working with children with a variety of different needs, including speech and language delays and disorders, feeding disorders, motor planning challenges, oral motor disorders, Cleft Lip and Palate, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Childhood Apraxia of Speech, and more. She has additional training in the SOS Approach to Feeding and oral-motor therapy. During her free time, Katie enjoys spending time with her husband and children, taking long walks with her dog, traveling, reading, and cooking.



Daniela Pallares-Hopkins PT, DPTDaniela Pallares-Hopkins PT, DPT is a licensed physical therapist specializing in pediatrics. Daniela earned her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree in 2014. She has experience working with children in various settings including the NICU, Early Intervention, and school-based physical therapy. Daniela is a native Spanish speaker, born and raised in Ecuador, and is available to provide services in both English and Spanish. When working with families, Daniela strives to build trusting relationships, promoting family-centered care, and encouraging caregivers to be involved in treatment and decision-making. Daniela is a member of the American Physical Therapy Association, and the Academy of Pediatric Physical Therapy. When she is not working, she enjoys spending time outdoors with her husband and two young daughters.


Maddie Pierce, M.A., CF-SLPMaddie Pierce, M.A., CCC-SLP is a Speech-Language Pathologist in her Clinical Fellowship year. She completed both her undergraduate and master’s degrees at Indiana University and moved to Denver soon after. Maddie is passionate about providing therapy that is family-centered and child-led so that it is meaningful for everyone involved. Maddie enjoys working with children with various needs, including children with Down syndrome, Autism Spectrum Disorder, behavioral challenges, articulation disorders, expressive and receptive language delays, and Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC) devices. She has experience with American Sign Language and is conversational in Spanish. Outside of work, Maddie enjoys hiking, playing soccer, watching movies, and trying out new restaurants around Denver.



Patricia da Costa, M.S.Patricia da Costa, M.S. graduated with her master’s degree in Child Development and Family Studies with a specialization in Marriage and Family from Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN. Patricia is passionate about creating a strong connection with the children and families she works with. The foundation of her work is based on a Strength-Based Approach. Patricia promotes a positive development of infants, young children, and families through culturally sensitive, relationship, and play-based therapies. She has specialized in working with children who have experienced complex trauma. Patricia believes in the power of providing families a continuum of services. She promotes this approach by collaborating with Conectando network of families, agencies, and organizations that brings the voice of the community to decision making regarding health and education. Patricia is bi-cultural and provides services in Portuguese and Spanish. Outside of work Patricia enjoys spending time with her husband and her two-adult daughters, taking her dog for a walk, enjoying nature, connecting with friends, and traveling the world.



Briana Rigau, OTD, OTR/L graduated from the University of Colorado Denver with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Psychology. While earning her undergraduate degree, she discovered and fell in love with the field of occupational therapy. She earned her Master of Science in Occupational Therapy as well as her Doctor of Occupational Therapy degrees from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Briana loves working with children and their families in their natural environments to help them meet their unique goals and participate in the things they need and want to do every day. She enjoys thinking on her feet to support families in discovering and utilizing strategies that work best for them. Briana is particularly passionate about family-centered care, as well as research engagement within early intervention.

When Briana isn’t working as a pediatric occupational therapist, she enjoys practicing yoga, exploring the mountains, traveling, playing and listening to music, skiing, and spending time with her loved ones.