Speech Language Therapy


Speech language therapy involves providing prevention, screening, consultation, assessment and diagnosis, counseling and therapy for a variety of communication needs.  These can include speech (articulation, fluency, voice), expressive and receptive language (including reading and writing), non-verbal communication such as facial expression and gestures, swallowing and oral feeding, cognitive aspects of communication (attention, memory, problem-solving) and sensory awareness related to communication.

Children with a variety of diagnoses and difficulties will benefit from speech-language therapy including: babies/children with feeding and/or swallowing difficulties, articulation disorders, language delay and/or specific language impairment, autism, dyslexia, cognitive delay, Down Syndrome and global developmental delays.

Children showing delays at a young age sometimes need extra support to fully participate, enjoy and learn within their everyday routines.  Everyday routines include communicating, playing, eating, moving, sleeping, interaction with peers and family members and bathing.  We work with families to support each child’s ability to learn and develop in the places where the child spends their day.

Funding for Early Intervention comes from a variety of places but is accessed through your school district’s Child Find Team.  Please contact us for more information.