Occupational Therapy

Early Intervention occupational therapy is about empowering families to help support change in their child’s ability to interact in their world by focusing on sensory processing, social engagement, arousal regulation, motor development, play, feeding, and other areas of daily living such as sleep and self-care. Occupational therapists promote the achievement of regulation to support greater learning and understanding of the bigger world. Our occupational therapists have a strong foundation in sensory processing and relationship based therapies. This knowledge guides the therapy process and coaching strategies by using the context of supportive relationships to enhance progress within daily routines. Children and their caregivers are supported to learn through play to address outcomes. Common targeted areas for intervention include arousal regulation, body awareness, coordination, impulse control, movement planning, sleep, and feeding. In a true transdisciplinary fashion, our therapists are trained to observe and promote growth in other areas of development such as gross motor movements, foundations related to learning, attachment, trauma responses, speech, and language.